The Language Of Flowers: Florists and Floristry

Flowers In Society

exoticIn this world, everything has a social obligation to fulfill, right from the tiniest insect to the mighty elephant. Flowers have a supreme purpose; they make people happy. Though this sounds silly, frivolous even there is nothing greater than this simple task. Every work and every relationship hinges on one this one simple emotion, happiness. Who works this magic best? It is none other than your local florist. Floristry is form of magic; it takes the understanding of human nature and its dependence on simple pleasures to know how this magic happens.

Flowers Represent Social Etiquette

Flowers, blooms or blossoms are attractive appendages of the plant kingdom that find extensive use in social life of men. They are fragrant, lovely to behold and hold vast significance in ritual and religious ceremonies. They are messengers on social occasions and they liven up social interaction. Floristry deals with all aspects of this magnificent creation. We call the professionals who arrange or deal with flowers, florists. Florists have a unique role to play as experts in trading and understanding flowers.

Deeper Significance Of Flowers

Flowers denote changes in season, and changes in reason too at times. For this reason, we use red carnation to express admiration and pride, yellow ones to convey disappointment and if striped it signifies rejection. Flowers are present at every occasion; after all, they are the pallbearers of emotions good and bad. Though they are pretty, one has to arrange them.

Meanings Of Flowers

Floristry is this study of flowers, its various arrangements, its implications and how one ought to present them. Use of cut flowers is popular though potted flowers sometimes find their way to ceremonies and special occasions. It is customary to link certain moods and emotions with particular types of flowers. Ivy stands for fidelity, while pink rose is for friendship. Pink also epitomize the love of a mother. Hyacinth designates sincerity and daffodils show chivalry. White represents purity and white carnations personify remembrance.

Florists Are Like Flowers

Good florists have superb sense of color co-ordination. They make deft arrangements with flowers fresh as well as dried, creating eye-catching bouquets or floral patterns. Florists mostly begin their acquaintance with flowers as a helper in a flower shop, though these days many of them undertake specialized study to understand and learn about the varieties and characteristics of all popular varieties of flowers. On occasions, one has to drop by his or her florist shop and check out which flowers are making the scene. One might be surprised to see some flowers are permanent members of all occasions. These flowers such as rose and carnations, lilies and orchids have fame for their sturdy nature and handsome demeanor. They add beauty to any occasion and thus find wide use.

Beauty Of Flowers

Flowers are significant. They are the reproductive organs of a plant. They are the life-giver for the next generation of trees or plants. No wonder then that they are so attractive, like a jazzed up sports car of a teenage boy, they dazzle and sparkle. They induce thoughts of virility and chivalry, romance and ardor within seconds of setting eyes on them. They need no introduction, they break the ice at parties, and indeed, they are as much the fabric of society as are good manners or is good breeding.

ValentinesSome Popular Flower Types

It is worth looking at some beautiful flowers that have gained respect and admiration of people. They like some blooms for their pretty colors and patterns and some for their fragrance. Some flowers are synonymous with celebrations.

Daisies: Asteraceae to give them their botanical name is a white flower with a yellow center. Each petal has one flower. It is symbolic or purity and innocence.

Orchids: Orchids are exotic flowers that symbolize refinement and culture. Sometimes they refer to feminism too. This flower has the largest family with each member displaying a virulent variation of color or design.

Daffodils: They have a deep yellow center with white petals surrounding this. The horn-shaped flower represents bravery and chivalry.

Birds of Paradise: The unusual shape of the flower makes them resemble birds in flight. The blossoms have three blue petals with orange ones interspersed. One may sometimes find yellow petals too.

Anemone: Here we have blue flowers with white stamens and is representative of fading of hope. Some people say that this flower represents anticipation.

Fragrances Of Some Flowers Commonly Used

Creating harmony is equal to creating a charming and delightful presence. Using flowers enhances the decor and adds life to the interiors. It adds thrill to any event with its bright and bewitching colors.

Many blossoms have fragrances that intoxicate the senses.

a) Wisteria: Lovely adornments for arbors and pergolas, these harbingers of spring have a distinctly sweet smell.

b) Gardenia: These great waxy blossoms with deep rich aroma that fills an entire garden, gardenia forms the source for many perfumes or at least inspirations for one (Gardenia by Chanel).

c) Jasmine: Very popular throughout the world, jasmine flowers are a favorite with women. The oils find use in perfumes.

d) Rose: Not to forget this great flower, a rose “by any other name” graces just about any occasion. The aroma of a rose is unmistakable and cherished as people link it to greatness and bravery.

e) Lemon blossoms: Remarkably small, these white blossoms represent fidelity in love. They have strong aroma and the lemon trees represent both Venus as well as Virgin Mary.

Florists Happen By Effort – They Are Not Born As Florists

Man uses flowers for fine-tuning the senses. Florists should have a good customer interactive skill. They learn this either as apprentices or at their florist college. Here their masters teach them the basics of design and arrangements. They also teach them special handicrafts to help them handle flowers properly. Sharpening of verbal communication skills is useful since most of the work will depend on their ability to communicate and express feelings to their customers. However, the last call will be whether a person has a taste for flowers, a devotion to this natural wonder and dedication that will last throughout the life of that person.

Floristry Is An Art

Floristry encapsulates growing and presentation of flowers. Florists use baskets, vases and pots to display or grow their flowers. Floral designs such as those used in corsage, wreaths or bouquets have evolved over time as reflections of culture. Most of the arrangements show how important the occasion is and tend to go with the spirit of the moment. Floral arrangements also embellish the decor of the place where the ceremony takes place. One can find flowers in important places like reception tables, centerpieces, stage, bridal bouquets entryways and wedding chuppahs.

Qualities Of A Good Florist

One may not see too much in the life of a florist mainly because the most a florist can advance in his or her career is to become manager or owner of the flower shop. Making cut flower arrangements and creating bouquets for occasions is part of the life of a florist. He or she must have skills to handle customer requests for a special kind of flower basket or cut flower. Partaking in a beautiful life, they live surrounded by exquisite splendor, a state of being in heaven about which most of us can only dream. People who do not have a slant for technical studies or do not want to strain their brains too much might enjoy a splendid career living among flowers.

Florists – A Blessing To Society

Florists recreate occasions, whether it is a funeral or a wedding, the flowers make or break the scene. Those who study floristry know what type of flower one has to use and what color is suitable for the occasion. Flowers are perfect gifts, they express the feelings very explicitly. They are not too expensive and one will have no trouble delivering these superb representations of advancement of humanity. The florists, experts at knowing everything about flowers, best understand these gorgeous tokens of magnificence of social status and courteousness.

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